Path of Basavanna

A great saint from the 12th century India, Guru Basavanna was an extraordinary visionary who gave a unique spiritual path to the mankind. Based on the principles of Arivu (true knowledge), Achara (right conduct), and Anubhava (divine  experience), this path opened the doors to many for enjoying the divine bliss here and hereafter. Practice of this path will enrich social, spiritual, and personal life of the aspirants.

Strongly emphasizing the concept of equality of all creatures under God, Guru Basavanna spearheaded a comprehensive revolution that encompassed all aspects of life. The spiritual, social, religious, and economical revolution of Basavanna fought against the gender, caste, racial, and social status based discrimination bringing parity to all for enjoying the divine bliss.

The essence, purpose, and goal of Guru Basavanna’s revolution was to illumine the path for transforming a human imprisoned in this mortal life into a Sharana, a liberated soul. Enabling an environment that fostered and guided aspirants, Basavanna welcomed everyone with open arms to be part of this movement. Millions of aspirants in the 12th century took advantage of this great opportunity and transformed their lives into a blessed one. People from all walks of life – cobblers to royals, farmers to scholars, housewives to artists, all participated in this movement with equal zeal.

Leading a content life with their families, Sharanas enjoyed a unique lifestyle that was beyond the turmoil of the mortal life. Sharanas were productive members of the society working sincerely and paying their social dues, yet theirs was an evolved life not touched by the sufferings of the mortal life. Sharanas developed a universal quality moving beyond the confines of religion, gender, social status, country, and race. To them the entire creation was theirs; everything and everyone belonged to a fellowship under God.

The message of Guru Basavanna is very relevant even to this day. The logical, scientific, and holistic approach of his path has the potential to uplift the mankind. It helps a person to understand himself better, overcome his negativities, and motivate him to lead a productive and harmonious life in the society. 

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