1. Where can we access Vachanas?

There are many publications of Vachanas that are available. Karnataka Government has published a comprehensive collections of Vachanas of all Sharanas in a fourteen-part series known as “Vachana Samputa” in Kannada. This is available from: The Administrative Officer, Kannada Book Authority, Pampa Mahakavi Road, Chamarajapet, Bangalore – 560 018.

2. How can I get started in this path?

Undertaking the study of Vachanas and trying sincerely to adopt them in one’s life is the best way to get started in this path. Towards this, Basava Divine Center is facilitating course, workshops, discourses, and lectures.

3. How can I get started in this path?

Any person with a spiritual bent of mind and an open mind can enter this path. Treading in this path will enrich an individual’s life holistically.

4. Isn't Basavanna a social reformer?

Guru Basavanna was primarily a spiritual reformer. As part of this spiritual revolution, he instituted many practices that revolutionized the society. He is recognized as the very first free-thinker of the Indian society who brought equality to all, irrespective of caste, religion, gender, race, and age. This feat of Basavanna is recognized widely, without understanding the spiritual reason behind it.